Getting your electric guitar setup regularly can keep your guitar playing like new while preventing costly repairs in the future. Generally, you should get your guitar setup at least once a year, but there are also some warning signs that can let you know if your guitar needs a setup.

Signs That Your Guitar Needs a Setup

While some of the warning signs are fairly obvious, there are more subtle things you can check for to see if your guitar should be brought in for a professional setup including:

  • Notes correlating with certain areas of the fretboard are:
    • Producing an unusual buzzing, distorted sound
    • Not playing at all
  • The space between the strings and the fretboard, also known as action, is too high or low
  • Your guitar quickly goes out of tune
  • Same-string octaves are out of tune (i.e. open E and the 12th fret on that string)
electric guitar leaning on an amp

Guitar Setup Experts

A proper guitar setup is an intricate process, requiring someone with experience and an in-depth understanding of the instrument. At Jimmy Osborne Music, our professional guitar techs can setup your guitar correctly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a guitar setup and your axe will sound like the first time you plugged it into your amp in no time!

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