It’s Never Too Late to Learn an Instrument

Are you intrigued by the idea of mastering an instrument, but hesitant because you think you may have missed the window? Let go of those doubts, because music knows no age limit. Picking up an instrument as an adult can be an enriching experience, offering an abundance of benefits beyond simply making music!

How can I benefit from music lessons?

Music stimulates the mind, fosters creativity, and creates avenues for social connection. Whether it’s strumming a chord progression or learning a new rhythm, each step on this musical journey is a testament to your resilience and commitment. So, embrace the opportunity to explore the world of music—it’s a journey filled with endless possibilities! Jimmy Osborne Music offers music lessons from professional instructors for all ages and experience levels. Don’t wait any longer — Visit or call (631) 874-7441 to start your journey today!


Getting the Most Out of Your Guitar

At Jimmy Osborne Music, we help guitarists excel as musicians while offering the equipment and accessories that keep their instruments sounding like new. This article features some helpful information on guitar strings and highlights our professional guitar teachers.

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Becoming The Star of Your School Music Program

Becoming a standout musician in your school band or orchestra takes dedication and hard work. Our certified, professional music teachers can provide the tools to sharpen your musical abilities, enabling you to perform at your peak.

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Give the Gift of Music This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we have the perfect gift for your sweetheart. The gift of music is something that your loved one can cherish forever.

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A New Year to Learn Music

2023 has arrived, and we are ringing in the new year by sharing the gift of music. Our certified, professional music teachers are always here to guide you on your musical journey, helping students to reach their full potential.

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Learning Piano Fundamentals

No matter where you plan to go in your musical endeavors, learning to play the piano is always a great place to begin. Played in nearly all genres of music, from classical to hard rock, the piano’s versatility appeals to musicians of all ages and tastes.

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New Year’s Music Lesson Package Discounts

The start of a new year is the perfect time to learn how to play music. It also allows experienced musicians to refine their skill sets and rediscover their love of music. Our New Year’s Sales enable musicians of all ages and abilities to begin 2023 by finding or rejuvenating their musical talents.

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Join Us for the 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Festival

This year, the Chamber of Commerce of the Moriches is presenting the 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Festival! The festival begins this Sunday, December 11th at 10:00am, and we will be holding special events throughout!

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Receive the Gift of Music With Your Holiday Donation

At Jimmy Osborne Music, our top priorities have always been giving back to our community and spreading the love of music. So we are running a limited-time offer that accomplishes both!

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Happy Holidays! Please Shop Local This Holiday Season

Long Island residents celebrated Small Business Saturday this past weekend, and we are continuing the celebration! As a family-owned, local business, Jimmy Osborne Music loves providing Center Moriches and its surrounding communities a welcoming place to experience all the joy music has to offer.

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