At Jimmy Osborne Music, we are so proud of the music instruction that we have provided over the past 23 years! We have watched our students grow into well rounded musicians. Some of our students have taken lessons from a very young age and continue into high school and college. Some of our students have gone on to become music teachers, professional musicians, and have even come back to teach at Jimmy Osborne Music. While some of our students who are adults continue to play for their own enjoyment. This is a testament to the distinctive music program we offer, and the goal to pass on a lifelong love of music!

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"A student is almost always motivated to practice, if he leaves the lesson feeling capable"

-Francis Clark

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Jimmy Osborne Music has something for everyone. We provide music instruction in piano, voice, percussion, woodwind, brass, and string instruments. We provide instruction to beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. For the more professional musician wanting to study a new style of music, we have the perfect teachers for you who are experienced in jazz, rock, opera, pop, classical, standards, etc.

Music instruction is being offered in-person or virtually. When you register your child, you will receive a lesson time that is convenient for you.

Private Music Lessons

Students are given lessons on a one-to-one approach customized to their unique learning style, appealing to their musical interests, and pace of learning.

Adult students, you are never too old to learn! If you’re looking to fulfill your dreams of learning an instrument, learn how to sing, or advancing what you already know, you will enjoy a one-to-one approach tailored to your specific interests.

Specialty Music Instruction

Need to prepare for a college audition? Been nominated by your teacher SCMEA & HMEA? Performing a piece for your NYSSMA solo? Want to audition for American Idol, the Voice, & America’s Got Talent? At Jimmy Osborne Music, we provide the specialty instruction you need to prepare for these special moments in your musical career.

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What to Expect to Learn:

  • Learn how to read music
  • Learn the notes and understanding their values
  • How to recognize steady beats and rhythms
  • Scales and finger practices
  • Voice students will learn pitch, breathing techniques, and will study a variety of music styles
  • Developing a lifelong love of music!

This and many more musical techniques are introduced and practiced each week. By practicing each week, students will become more confident in their skills.

Music Recitals

At Jimmy Osborne Music we are always excited around recital time! Students have worked so hard on their music and can’t wait to show it off.

Students have an opportunity to perform at a yearly recital. Performance day is exciting not only for beginners, but for the more advanced student as well. Beginner students get to watch more advanced students perform, which will give them the motivation to keep on practicing! More advanced students get to show off everything they have learned! Once these students feel the adrenaline that performing gives them, they will want to continue making music.

Recitals are important for students as it gives them a goal to set for themselves and achieve. Students learn how to prepare for a recital and manage their practice time to perfect their piece of music.

Recitals give that musician a sense of accomplishment and builds confidence. Music recitals are also very special because the student gets to pass on the gift of music to their families.

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