Piano lessons help teach you the fundamentals of music, which can apply to a limitless range of musical endeavors. Voice lessons also help accomplish this while enabling you to improve your ability to use the only instrument you were born possessing.

From Learning to Performing Live

Music lessons’ main goals are teaching you the skills and building the confidence needed to perform in a live setting. At Jimmy Osborne Music, our team of expert music teachers will work with you individually, helping you prepare to dazzle audiences listening to you perform live.

young girl playing piano at concert hall

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Learning Piano Fundamentals

No matter where you plan to go in your musical endeavors, learning to play the piano is always a great place to begin. Played in nearly all genres of music, from classical to hard rock, the piano’s versatility appeals to musicians of all ages and tastes.

Music Teacher Spotlight – Piano and Voice

Our professional, certified music teachers genuinely love teaching and playing music. This article will put the spotlight on our piano and voice teachers. These two skilled musicians have been teaching music on Long Island for decades!

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