Whether you are an intermediate guitarist, an expert guitarist, or you’re picking up a guitar for the first time, our music teachers can accommodate to your specific skill level. It’s never too late to start playing guitar, and our team at Jimmy Osborne Music will help you develop the skills that give you the ability to bring out your inner rock star.

Learning and Improving Your Guitar Repertoire

If you are new to playing the guitar, you’ll start by learning your way around the fret board, developing a keen understanding of guitar chord fundamentals and scales. With a sufficient amount of practice, it’s 100% possible for you to be playing progressions from some of your favorite songs after several guitar lessons.

As advanced guitarists know, there are always new skills to learn to further improve upon your musical talent. From perfecting pinch harmonics to mastering slide techniques, we can work with you to achieve your full potential as a guitarist.

young man playing electric guitar

When you register for guitar lessons, your first lesson is on us! You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up today!

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