Many of the most widely recognized and loved songs were created with only vocals and a piano. Whether you want to master your singing abilities or learn how to play beautiful music on the piano, our team of experienced music teachers is here to help you achieve your musical goals.

Some Benefits of Taking Piano or Voice Lessons

While we have previously discussed the benefits associated with taking piano and voice lessons, we are going to expand on those benefits in this article.

Learning how to play the piano not only improves your skills as a musician, but has also been proven to positively affect hand-eye coordination and motor function. Additionally, playing piano and/or singing improve your rhythm which has been scientifically shown to enhance reading skills and overall cognitive performance.

students practicing vocals and piano

Did you know that learning how to sing or play the piano can increase your emotional intelligence? When creating or playing music, you are exercising parts of the brain that correlate to your feelings; and the more you train those parts of the brain, the better they function!

What are you waiting for? Contact us to register for piano or voice lessons and your first lesson is free!

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