Lydia Sabosto has been entertaining up and down the east coast for the last 50 years and has finally settled in on Long Island. She masterfully arranges all her own renditions of a wide variety of songs, from Broadway/Cabaret to the old standards to current hit tunes. She was named artist of the week on Long Island’s own WHLI in 2013 and MTV added her CD to their lists of musical artists in 2016.

Besides doing her own shows, Lydia is also the Musical Director for several vocalists. Lydia has been teaching piano and vocals for the last 15 years and has had much success with her students, many of whom moved on to bigger and greater things.

Lydia is now at Jimmy Osborne Music. Jimmy is an old friend of Lydia’s. In, fact when they were very young (6), they had the same piano teacher for several years! Oh, the stories!!

Lydia Sabosto

Lydia’s CD, A Suitcase of Memories, is available on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Check out her website at or on YouTube.